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We'll Fix You Up in a Jiffy

 AG Diesel offers anything from diagnostics to diesel engine repairs. We specialize in overhauls, transmission, A/C repair just about anything. Our technician's are well known as the "A/C master", "Diesel Whisper" here in West Texas. 

   Proudly Serving West Texas 

When you choose to get your repair services with us, you can know that you’re choosing truck mechanics who prioritize long-term relationships and your vehicle’s health over anything else. We will not inflate our bills.

You can be sure that every repair that we offer you will be approved before we start any work. You will never be surprised by work when you choose to trust us with your truck.

Making sure you get where you’re going.

AG DIESEL & TRUCK SERVICE LLC. has been serving the  Midland/Odessa area since 2016. From brakes to transmissions, overhauls. We’ve handled every kind of repair a truck could need. While our expertise is in major repair like overhauls, our priority is our customers. The AG Diesel team is here to get you back on the road, fast.

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