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Truck Engine Repair 

Should your diesel truck or semi-truck engine suffer a loss of power or your ‘check engine’ light comes on, we are here to help. AG Diesel & Truck Service LLC in Midland Texas is the #1 choice for fast, professional repairs.

The team at AG Diesel is here to fix any issue affecting your truck’s engine. We address a range of common problems to get you back on the road quickly including replacing or cleaning your truck’s diesel particulate filter, upgrading faulty diesel nitrous oxide (NOx) sensors, changing a bad turbocharger, and more.

For trusted diesel, large, and semi-truck engine repairs, reach out to us today.

Call Now: 432.684.0096

Mobile Truck Repair Service is Unavailable as of 1/1/2019

We can have you towed to our truck repair shop in Midland, Texas. Here, we can repair all your engine problems. This includes engine replacement with new, rebuilt, or used engines as well as in-frame rebuilds, and fuel injectors.

The First Choice for Truck and Trailer Repair in Midland!

When our customers need us, we are there. Fast. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews on google instead.


Trailer Repair for Semi Trucks Only.

Trailer Repair Services That Fit Your Needs

AG Diesel is known and trusted for quality repair services on trailers that are  semi-trailers. We do work on brakes, airlines, airbags and springs, landing gear, electrical work, and tires.AG Diesel Team have the experience to deliver quality results on time.

We can accommodate aluminum or steel trailers with welding services or re-decking floors with wood or steel upon request. 

We understand the need for a working fleet. This is why we are committed to assisting fleets of all sizes with their truck and trailer repair.

Call to schedule an appointment at the AG Diesel team today!


Truck Brake Adjustments & Repair

We Help Keep Your Fleet In Top Condition

Trucks and trailers are fitted with brakes that rely on air instead of hydraulic fluid for braking, meaning they can never run out of fluid or lose function due to leaks. This creates a more reliable braking system. Despite that, the heavy weight of a truck can result in strain on its brake components.

This makes regular brake maintenance necessary in order to keep your brakes running optimally and prevent critical issues from arising. At AG Diesel, we put safety first and our experienced mechanics work hard to keep your fleet’s brakes running smoothly.

Why Choose AG Diesel & Truck Service LLC Experience?

We’ve been providing reliable semi-truck brake repair and adjustment services in the Odessa/Midland area for over 5 years, and we know our way around air brakes better than anyone.

High-Quality Parts

We believe that a  truck is only as strong as its weakest part. For this reason, we provide our clients with the best truck parts available. We work directly with manufacturers to get you parts that won’t break the bank and will perform beautifully.


Truck Transmission Repair 

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your truck repair and large trailer repair needs? Look no further. The AG Diesel team has been effectively serving truck owners and drivers for over 5 years. .

Let's Work Together

Proudly Serving West Texas 

When you choose to get your repair services with us, you can know that you’re choosing truck mechanics who prioritize long-term relationships and your vehicle’s health over anything else. We will not inflate our bills.

You can be sure that every repair that we offer you will be approved before we start any work. You will never be surprised by work when you choose to trust us with your truck.

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