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Truck Engine Repair

Should your diesel truck or semi-truck engine suffer a loss of power or your ‘check engine’ light comes on, we are here to help. AG Diesel & Truck Service Llc  in Midland, Texas is the #1 choice for fast, professional repairs.


Engine Overhauls

In-frame & Out of frame Engine Rebuilds


Semi Trailer Repair

AG Diesel is known and trusted for quality repair services on semi-trailers. We do work on brakes, airlines, airbags and springs, landing gear, electrical work, and tires. AG Diesel have the experience to deliver quality results on time.


Tow Truck

Call Action Wrecker for the most reliable tow truck service 



Truck Brake Adjustment & Repair

Trucks and trailers are fitted with brakes that rely on air instead of hydraulic fluid for braking, meaning they can never run out of fluid or lose function due to leaks. This creates a more reliable braking system. Despite that, the heavy weight of a truck can result in strain on its brake components


ECM Diagnostics

ecm diagnostics with the latest technology.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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